About Eugene Mobile Massage

Your local licensed Massage Therapist

Eugene Mobile Massage fills an important need in Eugene that was missing until Myrna Ritten came on the scene in 2012 with her unique approach to massages. When you really need a massage but you’re so busy that it is difficult to make the time for one, Myrna goes to where you are!

Myrna offers a wide range of massage services that include:

Deep Tissue — Technique geared for deeper muscles, used for recovery after injury, especially to break up scar tissue, but can be used for other conditions as well. Performed slowly to warm the muscles up first. Can be painful during and after massage.

Swedish — Standard massage for relaxation and increasing mobility utilizing long strokes (effleurage), compression (petrissage), twisting, movement and percussion. Most massages incorporate some or all of these.

Acupressure — Uses principles of acupuncture but using hands instead of needles, following the energy meridians. Used to open up energy channels to allow chi to flow more freely to promote health. Easily done through clothing or directly on skin.

Trigger Point — Technique uses pressure points in the belly of a muscle to facilitate relaxation of the muscle (from contraction). Used to target individual muscles rather than a whole area.

Elderly Massage — Customized massage for those with mobility or other health issues. Pressure and techniques are adjusted to accommodate individual needs.

Pre and Postnatal Pregnancy Massage — Massage performed on pregnant women, as well as after delivery. Permission/release from a medical professional is kindly requested for prenatal massage.

Tui-Na Massage — Tui-Na means push-pull. This technique uses some principles of acupressure and trigger point therapies and is very useful in facilitating increased range of motion.

Myrna says because she goes to homes, offices, and corporate events, customers really appreciate this approach to massage because they can stay relaxed after their massage and enjoy its full effects. They don’t have to worry about encountering the stress of having to drive to work or home afterwards. That really makes a difference for Myrna’s clients. 

“I have worked with people who came to me and I have seen them leave feeling what we in the massage business call ‘massage drunk’ or that euphoric feeling right after receiving a massage. 

By massaging them in their home or at their business, they can enjoy the relaxation effects without having to worry about getting into their car and driving.”

The majority of clients Myrna serves have trouble with transportation, and many have underlying medical issues that make driving or even getting around a hardship. 

Myrna says her goal in her business is to provide professional quality massages in the home or office that leave her clients in a better, and more relaxed state, than when she first arrives.

A few businesses and corporate clients Myrna has helped

Affair of the Heart — Chair Massages

Trillium — Chair Massages 

Morgan Stanley — Chair Massages


I seek to bring comfort and relaxation to people where they live and work so they can lead more productive and rewarding lives.


The mission of Eugene Mobile Massage is to perform a customized therapeutic massage, providing relief conveniently in your home or office.

Myrna’s Story on Becoming an LMT 

I think the idea of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist was planted when I was just 8 or 9 years old. My mom loved percussion (“karate chops”). I basically helped my mom relax with those karate chops. 

Then during my college years, friends of mine, including a friend I dated for a few years, all said how I had great hands for massage and suggested that I become an LMT. So I started going to a professional massage therapist while I was living in Michigan. She ultimately inspired me to go to massage school. Even though I was ready to go to her instructor, my life plans took me to Southern California, and within a year, I started massage school in Riverside (CA). 

I get so much fulfillment and joy from my work. Just knowing how I can improve someone’s quality of life with a really good massage is very gratifying. 

In fact, not long ago I had a client in her 40s who had been in two motor vehicle accidents of a similar nature. These accidents were approximately five years apart. In each instance, she injured her hip and shoulder. 

She had seen massage therapists and physical therapists before me, without any change in her condition. After carefully listening to what her needs were, and what she was able to do before and could not do now, I used massage techniques targeted for those specific issues. 

In a few sessions she regained full range and use of her hip and shoulder and arm. She can now enjoy yoga and stretching like she used to, as well as do regular activities such as brushing and washing her hair, and getting dressed without needing assistance from her husband.

I couldn’t be happier with the tangible, positive differences I am making in the lives of my clients!

How Myrna Evolved as a Massage Therapist

I have a thirst for knowledge as I really enjoy learning about ways to improve as a massage therapist. I gain a lot of insight for professional development by simply listening to my clients. They tell me how the massage helps them to relax. I can also determine a lot by being attuned to my client’s muscles and how they react at different phases of the massage.

Who Myrna Serves

The majority of Myrna’s clients tend to have transportation challenges. It’s hard for them to get around, or her clients work and don’t have extra time to go to a massage therapist. A lot of them have medical conditions, as well, so it would be a struggle to come to a studio. Other clients Myrna has cannot even drive because of existing medical conditions. 

Then there are other clients who are on limited or fixed incomes and hiring a babysitter is a real hardship. So that is why Myrna comes to them. She gets a lot of fulfillment and joy catering to the needs of her clients. They really appreciate Myrna eliminating the logistical challenges so their massage effects last longer.

Examples of past clients

– Affair of the Heart

– Trillium

– Morgan Stanley

– Banks

– Realtors

– Insurance Companies


“Wanted to let you know how much we appreciate massage treatments with Sue for the past three years and this year with me. Having you come to the house is especially terrific, saves getting Sue transferred into a vehicle and out and wheelchair into a treatment area and back again. You have been helpful for both of us and want to thank you for your treatments. The stretches today were excellent.”

Mike and Sue K, Springfield, Oregon 

“About 3 years ago I was prescribed to get massage therapy on my lower back. I chose Myrna/Eugene Mobile Massage. She relieved my pain in a short period of time. I have since been using her for circulation problems and my legs on a weekly basis. She is very polite, and comfortable to be around. I am very pleased with her being prompt, dependable, and her attention to detail. Highly recommended.”

John B., Eugene, Oregon

“On behalf of plant 3, I just wanted to say thank you! The crew is very appreciative of the great massages we received this morning and would happily have Myrna back in the future.”

 -Mark S., Springfield, OR


Lane County Veterans Stand Down Event — Myrna provides chair massages for veterans in Lane and surrounding counties. This is her 10th year volunteering, starting in 2011, at Lane County Fairgrounds in September.