About Eugene Mobile Massage

Your local licensed Massage Therapist

My first experience giving massages was “karate chopping” (better known as percussion) to my mother’s back as a youngster. Little did I know what that would eventually lead to, many years later!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from the University of Michigan. A few years later, I moved to Southern California and began my training in massage at the Southern California School of Massage Therapy in Riverside, California. I received a Holistic Health Practitioner certificate, indicating training and assistant teaching over 1,000 hours. This level of education at the school is only second to Massage Instructor. At the time I was attending, I had taken every class that was offered at the school.

My areas of training include Swedish/American massage (the most common type of massage performed), deep tissue therapy, acupressure, Tui-Na, Thai massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, powder massage and energy work. I follow the lead of my hands and incorporate a lot of these techniques within the massage I give. As we are all individuals and have different needs on different days, I find that I never give the same massage twice!

Every LMT has a license number. The lower the number, the longer the practitioner has been licensed in the State. I have been actively licensed in Oregon since 1998 (my license number is 6687 and can be verified by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists here) but I have more than 20 years of experience, starting with my work as a massage therapist in Southern California.

My philosophy is that massage should leave you feeling better and more relaxed at its conclusion than before we started. My goal is to make massage affordable to as many people as possible, as I believe that it is an integral part of one’s overall health and wellness.

In good health,

Myrna Ritten, BA, LMT