In Home Massage

In Home Massage Therapy in Eugene and Springfield

“Eugene Mobile Massage really went above and beyond.  It was so nice not having to get in my car and ruin the hour massage I had just received.”

Why in-home or on-site massage?

You don’t have to worry about:

  • traveling and loss of time; you can go back to work or back to your daily routine afterwards
  • traffic; no stress in getting to and from your appointment; you are already there!
  • parking; this is never a problem
  • assembly line environment; does not exist when it is in your home or office

I can perform all of your favorite massage techniques!


Accupressure Massage is a technique that can be done fully clothed on a table or a mat. It can also be done with draping and minimal clothing.  It focuses on the same meridians used in acupuncture, but without the use of needles. The massage technique used with acupressure focuses on clearing the meridian channels to attain free flowing chi, or energy, throughout the body.  It can be useful in helping to relieve headaches, eye strain, tension due to stress, sinus pressure, neck pain, menstrual cramps, and muscle aches.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is the next most common type of massage performed.  Attention to the deeper muscles is the main focus, in order to soothe away muscle spasms and otherwise tense muscles.  This can sometimes be uncomfortable and occasionally a little painful, but after the muscle is relaxed, relief from the muscle tightness is attained.  I usually integrate some deep tissue work with my Swedish massage as needed, in order to provide you the most relaxing massage.


Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage performed.  It is usually performed using either oil or lotion.  Its main purpose is for relaxation, to increase circulation, and to increase range of motion.  The more superficial muscles are attended to in Swedish.  This type of massage uses long strokes for applying oil or lotion, kneading, rocking, and moving of the joints of the body.  It is typically performed on a table.  The client is covered or draped at all times, except for the area being worked on.


Chair Massage is massage performed while seated in a chair and is usually done where space is limited, such as an office, or when lying down for a period of time is not possible or feasible.  The client remains completely dressed for chair massage.


Elderly massage is catered to the needs of those who require a lighter touch, have health/circulation issues, or have limited mobility.  Relaxation is achieved with gentle pressure and gentle movement of the joints.  If you require this because of injury or medication, please let me know before the massage begins.

Pre & Post-Natal Pregnancy

Pregnancy massage can be done throughout pregnancy.  The focus is on low back, neck, and shoulders, as these are the key areas where tension builds up.  The woman is properly draped and is supported with pillows for sidelying. Post Pregnancy massage can also be done sidelying to allow the new mother to attend to the needs of her baby, such as breastfeeding and comforting, but otherwise is performed the same as Swedish.  Accommodations are always made to the needs of mother and child.